30 Sep

While talking to a mourning family, you may often stumble with the words due to that lack of ideas in having conversation with a bereaved who just lost a loved one recently. However, if you have a petite knowledge about the funeral etiquettes then you can easily express your sympathy as mentioned in the Condolence Message which helped you with 100+ Short Condolence Message with Heartfelt Love and Care to ease the pain of your lamenting friend. But if you don’t have any information then brush your ideas on a few tips of funeral etiquettes:

Send a Handwritten Sympathy Note or a Condolence Card

You may say that it’s a digital age where email and text messages are the easy ways to send condolence message, letter or card. But don’t you think, handwritten messages show your touch of warmth and affection in expressing sorrow? For sure, your mournful friend will really feel relief and appreciate your concerning gesture towards him or her if you send a hand-written condolence message or sympathy card.

Dress Yourself According to the Funeral Etiquette

According to funeral etiquettes and other religious belief, wearing black is necessary when you are attending a funeral. However, you can also wear a subdued color like grey, dark olive and taupe while visiting a crematorium service. Moreover, ladies should avoid wearing gaudy accessories and doing loud makeup, and try to choose long dresses from their wardrobe. As well as men should also wear a formal coat and trouser with submissive color. Don’t wear wrong attire which will disregard the tradition and show disrespect towards the family of the departed person.

Sit or Stand at the Middle or Back Row

The first two rows are generally reserved by the family members who were very close to the demised. If you are close one then you can stand or sit with them, otherwise stay at the middle or back and give the scope to the others to sit or stand as per your generous courtesy and manners.

Arrive at the Proper Time in the Funeral

Try to be punctual while attending a crematorium or a funeral because delay arrival may show your less interest and disregard towards the mourning family and the departed soul. So, try to reach within 10 minutes earlier at the burial to help the lamenting family and the guests of the memorial. Still, if you are late due to any major reason then sit or stand at the back, rather than entering the center of the aisle. Don’t interrupt the memorial service by uttering something after arriving late.

Carry Funeral Gifts with You

Carrying a white flower bouquet or other types of funeral gift box are the best gesture of regard and eulogy towards the demised person, and connotation of affection to his or her family. Gifts cannot completely take away the pain but it will definitely show your love and concern for the grieving individual or family. It will soothe the agony and show your sincere support towards them.

Behave Politely and Say Serene Lines of Sorrowfulness

Always be polite and generous to the bereft and the guests who attend the memorial service. Don’t use any unwanted lines and rude words during the tragic moment. Express your apology and sorrowfulness through your condolence message in a letter or card. Show your sympathy through your pledging words by offering support and prayers to God for the deceased and the lamenting family.

Maintain Silence at a Burial Service

If you are carrying your mobile handset then keep it at a silence mode, so that the serenity and seriousness of the funeral center are not disrupted. Also, remember to talk slowly with your family and the guests at the somber event. Try to pray to the Almighty for the salvation of the departed soul as long as possible, rather than indulging with other conversations in the burial. Even, if you are taking your toddlers with you then try to dress them and feed them comfortably because they may create noise out of annoyance and disturb you or the whole memorial service by breaking the silence of the place. If possible then keep your children at home with someone if he or she is not so closed to the deceased.

Support the Desolating Family

After visiting the bereft after the departure of his/her loved ones or attending the funeral, try to offer your physical, moral or financial service if possible. This will esteem the morale of the grief-stricken individual and the entire family who need help because they are surviving with the tragic and turbulent time period. If they say no to your support and assistance, still try to convince them with generous and pledging words with a tone of request.

Don’t Hurt the Religious Sentiments of the Bereaved

There are different religious beliefs of different culture and let them follow such rules. Remember, you should not criticize the spiritual customs and sentiment of the mourning family; you can only guide them if you want to add some new customs for the soulful prayer of the departed soul. But don’t interfere with their rituals as per their individual culture.

Take Care of the Toddlers and Elderly People of the Lamenting Family

When a grieving family is busy with the works of the funeral service, try to support the elderly members of the family giving some food, water, and medicine to them in time to avoided health problems. Moreover, if possible, then try to feed the children or keep them with you, so that they don’t disturb their desolated family members and disrupt the services of the burial with loud noises and notorious activities.

Yes, it is important to attend a memorial service but to follow the aforesaid funeral etiquettes and crematorium, courtesies are much necessary to maintain the seriousness of the tragic event. Moreover, applying these rules will show your well-manners, and also help the surviving family to ease out from their pain at the desolate time period.             




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